If you are ready to go on the journey of changing your health, your body, your life, I'm here to support you, the healthier your body and mind is, it becomes easier, you attract new and wonderful things! Life becomes the experience of a lifetime!

‘Good simple foods, as free as possible from man-made extras, must be the first priority on our road to real health. It's certainly helps even more if we know which foods and fluids apply to our own particular day to day lifestyle and its energy demands. You, your body is a unique and individual organism, it's imperative to learn how to obtain the correct nutrients for that organism from your environment centered on your kitchen and your garden. ‘Dorothy Hall'

From the moment I began studying Herbal Medicine I was obsessed and many years later after much trial, error and success they still blow my mind!

And still going back to the simplest treatments are the ones that work.

The only tricky thing is understanding why someone is sick and that person being dedicated to healing the illness. I must understand the whole picture of the person, the environment they live in, their lifestyle, habits, and how they feed their body to support you with the correct advice to begin healing.

So, understanding the herbs are one thing but understanding how the body works is so important, it really should be simple because really all we are doing is bringing balance back to the individual. Once balance is restored, illness patterns begin to fall away, the body can begin healing.

There is an overload of information out there, we can google anything and purchase anything, being discerning is the trick, marketing is behind all the information, so it can be disheartening for an individual to buy products, vitamins, minerals, herbs which say they will heal, and they don't. Most patients of mine have a cupboard full of supplements they have tried and end up sitting half full in the cupboard! This not only is a waste of money but time too.

Getting the diagnoses right from the beginning can save you money and time, then it's up to you to do the work and stick with it.

The power of herbs still amaze me, old school remedies work every time, the simplest things that are not harming your body, or keeping you out of balance.

The Undoing or Elimination process (The fun bit!)

The health improvements you are looking for may need to begin with a period of un-doing. It's not always possible to begin improvement straight away if there are residues in tissues, organs, the nervous system, even bowels; they need to be removed first. 

We need to rearrange you physically and chemically first, it's like renovating an old house, we must pull the old one down or remove damaged or decaying flooring, walls, roofing, we must then lay new stronger foundations and begin to rebuild.

This can be an uncomfortable process and timely, a blood cycle is 12 weeks and in this time organs such as the liver with regenerate, as long as we are not feeding it the things that caused it to break down in the first place, as we are cleaning out the rubbish your bowels may be loose, skin may break out, you may sweat, you may cough as your body gets rid of the residues that need to be eliminated! 

Once we move through this process your cells will regenerate and then it's up to you to also begin changing habits, each day you will feel clearer, cleaner and happier.

If your body has been in a disease state for its whole life it may take ⅓ of that time to change and heal, so it's a process, change happens slowly so patience is needed, this is not what most people want to hear but it's how it works, many are looking for that quick fix, so taking pharmaceuticals to suppress the disease state or cover up the pain seems easier but you are only staying in the same place trying to convince yourself you are ok, rather than growing, changing and healing! 

'Take professional advice and treatment, if your instincts tell you, it all makes sense, then continue at home every day, using your simple knowledge of what you are learning, if you take steps to avoid the first process of disease, then the terminal processes may not happen. And look at your living conditions, your job, your household, your environment, and your emotional attitudes of mind and personality.'




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