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My Studio is a place to unwind and align through massage, integrating 25 years of study and practice in many modalities of healing,  it has evolved into an intuitive nurturing experience.

With extensive understanding of body systems and illness patterns, i work my way from your feet and throughout your body creating a completely personalised treatment.

Healing through touch and stimulating pressure points around the body, it encourages your body to move and find its balance.

Whether its a regular affordable nurturing massage you are after or you have something you are concerned about, this massage should bring some clarity about any health concerns and I can support you in the best way to move forward.


For a more in-depth treatment where you would like to add Iridology and discuss your current health please book in for 1 Hour massage and Initial Consultation.


Customer Reviews

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Monica Munro
Most therapeutic massage I've had!

Ash has an incredible ability not only with her herbs but with massage. This is not only a relaxing and nurturing experience but it is also so therapeutic. It is a full treatment for aches and pains and also for illness. She has such in-depth knowledge of the body and knows exactly where to focus her time. Ash makes you feel completely safe and taken care of in the most incredible way, you will not be disappointed you will just wish you hadn't waited so long!


My time with Ash was so nourishing. Great to get that deep relaxation and to feel so contained at the same time. Ash is a very safe person. So helpful to chat over my health issues and feel such a positive eagerness for my own future. Thanks Ash

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