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Appointments - Herbal Medicine / Iridology Assessment - Fallen Leaf Teas

Appointments - Herbal Medicine

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I will let you know which Variant to choose and what availabilities I have.

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Frances Wilson

Hi Ash
Unfortunately, my products have'nt arrived as yet. No tracking advice has been forwarded regarding the shipment.
Auntie xx

Ash is the best and worth every dollar!

I have known Ash for over 15 years and I have complete trust in her services. She is the only service I would choose for herbal remedies and her teas are the amazing! I always feel better after having her products and my general health always improves when she prescribes me herbal medicine personalised for my particular needs. She is such a genuine person too who has integrity and actually cares about people. Plus she listens and is understanding. She treats you like a person and treats the individual needs of your body to improve your health. She's also been there for my daughter growing up and helped her heaps. She knows her stuff and I recommend her highly. She is the real deal!

Belinda McShane

Discovered through her amazing range of herbal teas, Ash also supports my families health with her extensive knowledge in herbal and natural medicines. Such a blessing to have someone compassionate and knowledgeable to help guide our health back to balance.


I can’t say enough good things about Ash and her teas. As a herbalist, I’ve seen her as needed over the last 15 years and she always helps me resolve the issue. She is so knowledgeable and kind. Her teas are amazing! I feel they really support my health and they taste great. Highly recommend 👏🏻

Justyna Bilski

Ash is a very knowledgeable herbalist; She has a very grounded and pragmatic approach but is also very intuitive and emphatic and able to formulate herbal medicines that address the needs of her clients. She is very experienced at dealing with a wide range of physical and emotional issues and offers accurate insights. Ash’s herbal teas are also of the highest quality. She sources the best quality ingredients and her blends are very supportive to health and well being. I highly recommend Ash and Fallen Leaf.

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